Electron feeder with filecatalyst.

This article explains how to install and use filecatalyst transfer agent while file uploading through efeeder.

FileCatalyst Direct is a software-only solution for accelerating file transfers. Using a Server-Client architecture, FileCatalyst can accelerate file transfers and simplify exchanging huge files. Filecatalyst transfer agent is a full-featured desktop client application using the browser to present a file transfer interface. 

1. Download the transfer agent from https://filecatalyst.software/direct.html
Depending on your machine click on the download link from the page.
Use https://demo.filecatalyst.com/transferAgent/docs/install-windows.html to complete the installation process on windows
Use https://demo.filecatalyst.com/transferAgent/docs/install-mac.html to complete the installation process on mac.

2. After the installation make sure it is running in the background. Otherwise, open the application. Make sure the antivirus is not blocking the FC agent.

You can open the agent App either from the windows search or from the system tray.

This image shows to open the agent from windows search.

You will get a pop-up if you are opening from windows search.
Select "Open Configuration" and it will direct you to the web page.


This image shows opening the agent from the system tray.

Right-click on the icon and select open configuration then it will direct you to the same web page.

On the web page, there is a status tab where you can track the status of the uploading process.

3. Open efeeder application on your machine and drag and drop the file you want to upload then click on upload.

Select Ingest profile which is configured for filecatalyst.

Click on upload.

4. User can monitor the upload status in the link https://localhost.filecatalyst.net:12680/status.html
Go to "Status" tab to check the current status and also track the status from feeder dashboard.

Once uploaded completed file will be successfully ingested to eMAM.