How to annotate files in eMAM?

Annotation is inserting text and graphics data at a specific time in a video asset, or adding annotation objects such as texts, lines, rectangles, ellipses etc to image assets. Annotation feature is available for both image and videos files in eMAM. Annotate is a permission item that can be controlled at at Category, User group and Asset type permission level.  Click on “A” for annotations (Shortcut or Hot Keys for eMAM Preview Player)
In the Preview widget, 
  • Image files: click on Annotation icon to open up the Annotation tools window.
  • Video files: Click on the Settings button to enable the Annotation feature and then click on the annotation Icon in the Preview player to open Annotation tools window.

Annotation Tools window: The annotations button opens the annotations toolbox which is used to make various editing marks and notes on the current frame of a video asset. Click on annotation button will open up a small pop up with various drawing tools – custom colors can also be selected from the palette. Click on the tiny Color wheel will open up the palette submenu to select custom colors. Note: Make sure Annotations feature is enabled at Super Admin level.
 Annotations will appear briefly for a few frames and will be indicated by a thick tick mark on the timeline (below). Annotations are not automatically saved and must be saved with the disc icon. Saved annotations cannot be edited once saved.
The Color palette selector appears when the color button is clicked. Currently selected color is indicated to the right of the button. The main color is selected by clicking on the vertical color spectrum bar; Color hues may be selected by sliding the circle in the box to the desired color. Color numerical values may also be directly entered as hex “#” box or R/G/B and H/S/B values

The following is a description of the other icons in the Annotations Toolbox, which allows the user to place editing marks and notes directly on the video frame. Drawing elements will be in the selected color from the palette as shown above.
Draws a rectangular polygon object.
Draws a circle
Draws a straight line.
  Free Hand
Freehand drawing.
Makes a text box for comments (position just above desired point – select FONT and COLOR first.
  Clear Canvas
Deletes annotations. Go the annotations frame, click on Clear Canvas icon and the Save icon. CAUTION – Undoes ALL annotation marks in that frame!
Saves all the changes.  Annotations are not automatically saved. 
Selects the color of the line, circle or polygon graphic markers, and text color.
Selects the stroke width for line, circle, or polygon graphic markers 
 (1 to 5 range, 1= thinnest, 5= thickest)
Font selection box appears when text annotation is selected. A few system fonts/ point sizes are available from the pull down.