What all custom workflows can be created in eMAM?

Workflow automation is a set of actions (operations) performed on satisfying a set of conditions provided for an event.  You can create different workflows to automate events and actions.  
Each workflow has 3 parts – Events, Conditions & Actions

Event Type is a point to start the workflow like Ingest, Custom Metadata Change, Asset Info Change, Button Metadata Click and Cloud Upload. Under each event, we can set one or more conditions so that once these conditions are met, the said actions can be performed. For any workflow, you can only have one event at a time, but multiple actions can be added.
  • Ingest: Workflow can be created with Ingest as event type. Upon ingest of assets, certain action will be automatically performed (provided workflow conditions are met)
  • Custom Metadata Change: Workflows can be created for Custom metadata change event type. E.g., if there is any change in custom metadata, automatically certain action will be performed (provided workflow conditions are met)
  • Scheduler: Workflows can be created and scheduled to trigger on a specific date and time using Schedule metadata field types. Automatically the workflow will get triggered on the specified date and time. More details refer section Scheduled Workflow.
  • Asset Info Change: Workflows can be created for changing asset info event type. E.g., if there is any change is any asset info, automatically certain action will be performed (provided workflow conditions are met)
  • Button Metadata Click: Workflows can be created associated with button metadata. Using this event type, users can fire a workflow based on a button click in the Metadata widget. Button metadata can be linked to a workflow and once that workflow is saved and active, any user that clicks on that button will indeed trigger the workflows that are linked with that particular button. More details, refer section Button Metadata workflow.
  • Cloud Upload: Workflows can be created with Cloud Upload as Event Type to upload assets to cloud. Conditions can be selected as Upload Completed, Purge completed, Upload error, Purge error, Thumbnail upload failed.
Conditions For each Event type selected for a workflow, various conditions can be set and only if those conditions are satisfied, the action set in the workflow will be automatically performed. Based on the Event type selected, window expands to fill in the Conditions and select Action Type details. Variables under Conditions change based on the Event Type selected.
Action Type: Actions are the changes that are to be automated when the events conditions are satisfied. After conditions are set, select the action type required for the workflow. Various actions include Delivery, Archive, Change Metadata, Notify, Purge, Manage Category and Manage Project, Create Proxy and AI Indexing

You can create multiple workflows with different operations and customize it. Once the workflow is created and is in active mode, based on the conditions set, it gets triggered automatically reducing manual effort. Workflow automation feature can effectively handle multiple workflows to make the system more flexible and also acts as a bridging system for different features in eMAM.
 In the Super Admin interface, go to Workflow tab and click on New Workflow.

Below are few sample workflows created:
Refer this doc to see few more sample custom workflows: Sample Custom Workflows.docx