What are the different types of Metadata Sets that can be created in eMAM?

A Metadata Set contains metadata groups, which contain metadata fields.  
You can create metadata set for Asset or a Project or a Category or Marker or Subclip.
  • Project Metadata Set
  • Asset Metadata Set
  • Marker Metadata Set
  • Subclip Metadata Set
    You can also search below metadata sets:
    • Project Metadata Set: Click on the filter icon in the Project widget to search for all the projects having a particular project Metadata set. 
    •  Asset Metadata Set: To search for assets tagged with a particular asset metadata set, go to the Advanced Search window> Manage Filters tab and choose Asset Metadata Set in the search filter field. Only available in eMAM version 5.3As of now, Marker metadata set & Subclip metadata set do not come under the purview of eMAM search engine