How to change server name after install

                                                           How to change DNS Hostname or IP address after install 

Best practice is to provide proper Hostname/FQDN prior to install so that we can avoid the complexity post installation.

Download a program such as " Find and Replace "  ( This will be helpful to find and replace the FQDN\IP address from eMAM configs.

Run application and choose the Empress Media folder.   C:\Program Files\Empress Media\ 

Enter  the current hostname/IP in the "find" box.

Enter the new hostname/FQDN in the "Replace" 

** Changes in registry:

1.Open Regedit

2. Select Empress Media Folder:  Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Empress Media

3. Select " File and click on Export 

4 .Save the exported file on your desktop.

5. Make sure you are keeping the backup of the exported file 

5. Edit the file with Notepad ++. Please use the link to download the notepad++  

6. Do a find and replace. - You are only changing the servername to DNS.

7. Save file after doing a quick check to make sure your changes happened in the file 

8. Again in Regedit,  Select " File and click on Import " 

9. check your settings, they should have replaced the servername in the URL only.

10. delete the file you made in Regedit so no one will run it again.

Next we have to change  the URLs in eMAM Superadmin.

For that please login to eMAM super admin and expand the server management. You have to change the component URL (eMAM Client, director, gateway, Transcoder) and then click on update.

Next step is to change the configurations in eMAM storage profiles. Please expand the Storage Configuration from eMAM super admin. Please edit the storage profile and provide the web server domain name.

Change the Component URL and update with changes.

You have to follow this configuration for all the storage profiles. Once it is completed you can access the eMAM interface with new hostname/FQDN.