How to update AWS lambda function?

You can update the AWS Lambda function either from AWS Management Console or by using AWS CLI.
Please find the steps below to update the AWS Lambda function:

Using the AWS Management Console

Step 1: Go to  and login using your AWS credentials.
Step 2: Under AWS Lambda> Functions tab, select the function you wish to update.

Step 3: Below Configuration -> Function Code, you will find an option to upload your zip file.

Step 4: Click Upload and select Lambda code from your machine.

Step 5: Click Save button on top right of the screen.


Step 1: Install the AWS CLI on your windows machine. For installation steps, please refer the below link.

Step 2: List all the functions in your AWS account.
             aws lambda list-functions 

Step 3 : Find your function name from the above command and execute the below command.
             aws lambda update-function-code --function-name  --zip-file 

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